Nudite Intense Perfume

Say hello to Nudite Intense perfume oil, it is my new fragrance obsession. It all began with a little brown bottle of perfume oil on my dresser. I cherish that bottle, I bought it in Paris during a trip with other lovely beauty bloggers. Before this weekend, I used it very, very sparingly because I knew I wouldn’t get another bottle for a very, very long time.

Imagine my surprise when I’m in the Nordstrom fragrance department this weekend and I pick up the bottle seen above. It smelled just like my beloved Colette Black Musk perfume oil, beautifully clean skin with just a hint of a floral note. Imagine Philosophy’s Amazing Grace without most of the floral notes in it and that’s what Nudite is like, only more intense. It lingers on the skin all day long but if that is not enough, this perfume comes in a rollerball (big improvement over Colette’s little brown bottle) that you can carry with you anywhere. That’s exactly what I’m doing now.