Expert Beauty Tips to Kick 2012 Off in Style

One of our favorite “what’s in her bag” moments this past year was definitely when we got to take a look into Nordstrom Beauty Director Cheri Botiz’s makeup bag. She’s a stunning beauty and has fabulous taste. We always pay attention when she offers her expert advice.  Obviously, we took notes as Cheri outlined some top-notch tips and tricks to help us prepare for New Year’s Eve and kick 2012 off beautifully.

 We know that Cheri loves eyeshadow, as evidenced by her purple moment this spring. Her secret for keeping eyeshadow in place all night? “Pair it with NARS Larger than Life eyeliner,” she says. We have her assurance that it will stay put, no matter what. And we agree completely! These liners are amazingly long-wearing.

And how better to immortalize a memorable night than by spritzing on a brand new fragrance? “Try the new Prada Candy,” Cheri advises. “It’s the perfect scent for a special night, and you’re never fully dressed without your fragrance.” Cheri is not the first to recommend this scent — think I need to try.

Cheri recommends a gutsy red lip for the midnight countdown (and the first kiss of the New Year that follows!) “Don’t be afraid to put a pop of color on that pout,” Cheri says. She recommends Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Fascinate for a statement look.

Finally, if there’s any night to try out an over-the-top manicure, New Year’s Eve takes the cake. “Nails really are a girl’s best accessory,” Cheri says. Try THE NEW BLACK’s Ombre Nail Shades Sets – each kit includes five polishes in graduated colors that make mimicking a dip-dye manicure a snap.

Thanks to Cheri for offering her advice. Have a happy and beautiful New Year’s Eve!