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Did you know that Nordstrom has a Beauty Stylist program? I didn’t either. I turned 32 on Saturday and wanted to do something fun so I asked Nordstrom Beauty to suggest a makeup artist I could make an appointment to so I could pick their brain. That’s when she told me about their Beauty Stylist program. Turns out the program has been around for a few years in the Seattle area and now Nordstrom is expanding the program to all stores nationwide.

What does a beauty stylist do? Just like a stylist helps you find the perfect outfit, a beauty stylist is your personal guide through the cosmetics and fragrance department to help find the best beauty products for your needs. Maybe you’re looking for that perfect red lipstick, want to get something new for fall or want to try a new skincare routine, Nordstrom’s beauty stylist program is here to help you.

In my case, I wanted to spend some time working on eyeshadow techniques. When it comes defining my crease, I need all the help I can get! For some reason, I have a really hard time with my crease work. So I wanted to have someone work with me to create a look I could wear everyday and re-create on my own. That’s when I was introduced to Kirk. He’s a former MAC makeup artist and started working for the company in the 80’s. I wasn’t even wearing makeup in the 80’s! He’s worked the shows for Fashion Week around the world and is familiar with all the lines the store carries. I definitely liked that he wasn’t all about one line. I love most lines carried at Nordstrom but being a beauty addict, I’m always looking for something new.

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Kirk put me at ease immediately, he even took the time to learn a little bit about me. He was so easy to talk to, I could have been at the store chatting about makeup with him all day. He really made me comfortable during my time with him. I told him I wanted an everyday smokey eye so he pulled products from MAC, Clarins, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Laura Mercier and Cle de Peau for my look. While he did my makeup, he took the time to explain everything he was doing and had me follow along with a mirror during each step. By the time he was done, I learned a few new things to try with my eyeshadow. Normally I would take a dark color to define my crease and go windshield wiper motion crazy from the outside in. By concentrating the darkest color in the outer corner, my eyes looked lifted… and fantastic.

Ever think you know a what a shade looks like but then you re-discover it and realize it wasn’t at all how you remembered it being? That was what I realized with MAC’s Motif eyeshadow, one of the shades Kirk used on my inner lower lid and inner bottom corner. I went home and opened up my palettes to make sure I had Motif in my life. In the look above, he used MAC’s Photogravure Technakohl liner to wing out my outer corners, Embark eyeshadow on top of the liner, Soft Brown eyeshadow in the crease and upwards, Motif on the inner corner and finally Mylar on the brow bone. He topped it off in my new favorite mascara, Chanel’s Inimitable mascara in Intense Purple. I’m in love with this look!

When my time with Kirk came to an end, I left Nordstrom feeling more confident about myself… confident enough that I agreed to take a picture I would normally shy away from taking. When I met Kate Somerville a few weeks ago, I said no to taking a picture with her! That’s the kind of self-conscious gal I am…this is why I rarely show my face on the blog. Isn’t it amazing what a little makeup can do? Kirk is definitely a magician with it.

This is a free service so call and schedule an appointment with a beauty stylist at your local Nordstrom. Call 1-800-7-BEAUTY to get connected. You can find more information about the Nordstrom Beauty Stylist Program here. If you’re in the Seattle area, definitely go to Kirk!

11 thoughts on “Nordstrom Beauty Stylist Program”

  1. You look great! I didn’t know Nordies’ beauty stylist actually pulled products and gave you a makeover! I thought they just took you from counter to counter. Thanks for the clarification.

    1. Hi Ava! Thank you! Nope, you sit down and they do your makeup. Kirk didn’t have his own station so we borrowed on from MAC but I’m told he will eventually.

  2. Wow! He used ALL my favorite MAC colors. I have hit pan on Motif, I am so addicted. I had no idea Nordy`s had this prgram or I would have been using it.I bet you had fun!

  3. You look so pretty! And Kirk seems to be a great makeup artist, wish I could import him to New York. Could you please list all the colours he used on you, not just eye shadows? I’d love to know, this is a nice, wearable look that many of us would like to try out.

    1. Hi Susan! Yes, Kirk was great. 🙂 He used Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Light, Clinique Blush in Aglow, Chanel Natural Lipliner and Cle de Peau Extra Silky Lipstick #124.

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