My Favorite Time of Year: Pt. 2

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale We are down to less than 24 hours and counting until the big sale begins and I’m so looking forward to it so I wanted to share a few more picks with you. I’m not sure what’s better though, the start of the sale or that The Dark Knight is finally in theatres. Beauty products or the hotness that is Christian Bale? That is a very close race. 🙂

Prada Infusion D'Iris Gift Set From the moment I first smelled this perfume in a Nordstrom catalog a few months ago, it was love, or rather obsession. As part of the sale, Prada is now putting this fragrance in a gift set. The Prada Infusion D’Iris’ Gift Set goes for $95 and includes 3.4oz eau de perfume spray and body lotion. I’ve been holding back on buying this fragrance for awhile because it is rather pricey but with a matching body lotion, I might just make the leap. You can find an in depth review at Now Smell This.

Trish McEvoy Little Black Card Sable Collection Next up is Trish McEvoy’s Little Black Card. This card is part of her Sable Collection and features all over face color, blush, 3 eyeshadows, 1 powder eyeliner, concealer and 4 lipglosses with SPF 15 all in one little package slightly bigger and thicker than a business card. Can it get any more portable? I think not. I’ve only tried a few of this line’s products but I think this will be my perfect introduction into the rest of her line. I was at the counter yesterday and already spotted a few glosses that are on my wishlist, like Pretty.

Smashbox Socialite Beauty Collection The Smashbox Socialist Beauty Collection includes an two different eye brighteners, an eyeshadow quad, a blush/bronzer duo, cream eyeliner, lipgloss and mascara packed in a cute little woven clutch. There’s also a matching brush set. I have some experience with Smashbox but not a ton. This collection peaked my interest though; I think it’s a pretty good value for what’s in it and again, a good way to get more familiar with the line. There are a few products in this collection that I’ve been curious about so I’m scooping this up.

Trish McEvoy Beauty to Go Refillable Pen Last but certainly not least is Trish McEvoy’s Beauty To Go Refillable Pen. I’ve been lusting after YSL’s Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation mainly because it looks so convenient with the brush built in but now I can have the same convenience with this product. I checked it out yesterday and the brush is not as wide as in YSL’s but I really love the idea behind this product. You can put your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer in it and have it ready to go with just a few clicks. You got to love that portability.

Of course there are plenty more Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives and you can check them all out here. What have you ordered or will you be picking up?

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Time of Year: Pt. 2”

  1. I’ve actually been lemming that palette hardcore. I’m about to be a senior in high school, and I’ll be juggling school, after school activities, and [let’s hope] a job. You can see why I’d want! I didn’t realize it was that small, but that makes it even better. Easy portability!

  2. I like the clinique blush and lip gloss combo, and its a good deal, and the Marc Jacobs Daisy set, I love that scent and its a really good deal too!

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