No Podcast Episode This Week

This week’s episode will be postponed for next week. I usually record on Sundays and I spent more time with my family for Mother’s Day instead. As mentioned previously, we will be talking about Michael Blomsterberg’s book Hairapy: Deeper than the Roots, Carmindy’s book The 5 Minute Face, the CEW’s 2007 Beauty Awards winning products and a new segment from a new contributor. As always, your feedback is welcome. You can email us or leave a message at 801-335-1219.

4 thoughts on “No Podcast Episode This Week”

  1. Carla you havent had a podcast in a while, please start again!!!almost every day i go to itunes to download new stuff and was so sad when you stopped podcasting after starting again after a long break.i really enjoyed your podcast…you must start doing it again!!!

  2. Hi Carla,
    I also miss your podcast. And about the criticism you might receive – forget about it – you’re doing this as a voluntary thing 🙂
    So remember to stay positive and remember your fans who like the short pauses in your podcast, because then we have a second to reflect on what you just said. And who like your reviews because they even go down in detail to the texture of the products 🙂

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