Nioxin Scalp & Hair Care System & Giveaway

Ever since I turned 30, one of the things I’ve started doing is going over my skin obsessively looking for those tell-tale signs of aging. Luckily I have not found much but I was looking in the wrong place so I started paying attention to my hair. I was losing more and more of it as I brushed and washed it. I didn’t do anything about it though, the women in my family have all been blessed with lots of thick hair so I figured I still had plenty of hair.

Then I received an email asking me if I wanted to try Nioxin. I have heard only good things about the line for awhile now from the local stylists that I know, they recommend the line to people dealing with their own hair loss. With that in mind, I was definitely interested in trying Nioxin to see what it could do for me. After answering a few questions to find out which Nioxin products would be best to address my concerns and hair, I received samples of Nioxin’s Scalp & Hair Care System 7. It includes shampoo (which they call cleanser), conditioner and a scalp treatment, all of which are safe for color treated hair.

I’ve been using the system for a few weeks now and while I think it’s a little too early to tell if it’s restoring that my hair’s fullness, it has done enough for me that I will keep using the system. The system protects my color and the products seem to have brought some life to my hair, I’m noticing more volume from it lately. Most importantly, the system has wonders for my scalp. I have a confession to make; I have trouble with dandruff from time to time. I cannot tell you how embarrassing it is for me to be caught clearing my shoulders or shaking off my shirt to hide my secret shame. It’s hard to be slick while doing this. πŸ˜‰

The Nioxin system has transformed my scalp, it is as clean as a whistle now. At first, I was a little unsure of it. My problem seemed to be worse than ever but after a quick chat with my personal hair guru, she told me that one thing Nioxin is fantastic at is clearing all the toxins and gunk (yes, gunk) out of your scalp to that the products do a better job. Sure enough, I stuck with it and my situation is thankfully under control. Now I’m looking forward to less hair loss! I’ll let you know how that goes.

The good news is that today Nioxin is sponsoring a giveaway! They are giving 10 lucky Product Girl readers the opportunity to win their own Nioxin system. Entering to win your own system is super easy. Leave a comment below telling me about your first hair aging/thinning experience. The ten lucky winners will be chosen randomly andΒ  you have until December 7th to leave a comment. Good luck!

Update: Congrats to Denise B, Trisha D, Anne W, Amy C, Marilyn W, Shannon B, Jeni, Cheryl P, Valeen N & Linda L! You won the Nioxin giveaway!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Products for review were received for review and products will be furnished by brand for giveaway. Please note that this does not influence my experience with the Nioxin system.

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  1. the women in my family all have very thin hair, including my mom so I am very paranoid. I have yet to see signs of it and I’d like to keep it that way :). Sounds like a great product!

  2. I have been using the Nioxin 4 system for a few years ( I am 55 years old.) My hairdresser recommended it for thinning, colored treated hair. I have found that it does change the texture of the hair and makes it feel healthier with more volume (I have fine hair.) It doesn’t actually replace lost hair (for that I thing you need medication), but it does keep it from falling out as much. The system is a bit expensive and I would love to win this giveaway to replenish my supply!

  3. i’ve always had thin hair, luckily i have alot of it. but i’m trying to grow it longer than my ususal chin length bob. i’m almost at shoulder length and the longer it gets the thinner it looks. i would love to try this!

  4. I first noticed my hair thinning and falling out about 6 months ago, right before my 36th birthday. I am taking vitamins with Biotin to try and encourage it to come back in. My hair has always been long and thick and now the whole texture of it has changed. I would love to try these products!!

  5. I have always had thin hair, but when I struggled with an eating disorder in my late teens, it became even worse. Even after I recovered, by hair never has fully.

  6. I lose tons of hair every time I wash, it has been going on for years and I am terrified of my hair getting thin enough for my scalp to show.l

  7. my hair is thin anyway–but noticed more probs as I get older πŸ™ in the scalp area where I have to redo my style there!!! eeekkks ..thanks for the chance

  8. My hair isn’t thinning yet and I hope it doesn’t this would be a great product to try out.


  9. My hair’s thickness and texture seem to be heading downhill with age, and I admit to a flakey scalp too. I have a hard time keeping my hands off of it, but I can’t stand the scent of many dandruff shampoos. How do you find the scent of Nioxin?

  10. I have very fine hair and since my second (and final) pregnancy have had super soft hair. Would love to try a product that cleans up the scalp as I use a lot of product trying to obtain texture.

  11. My hair has always been very fine but I went thru the “change” early (34) and that’s when my hair began to “change” as well. It seemed to thin and nearly stop growing. I notice the thinning mainly in the front but I’m sure it’s everywhere. I just don’t feel like I have as much hair anymore.
    The Nioxin products sound wonderful. I would really like the opportunity to try them. Thanks for an fantastic giveaway!

  12. I lost my thyroid and so much of my hair ten years ago. Since I take thyroid medicine, I have very very thin hair. I just want to cry. Nothing I use seems to help.

  13. Ugh I had the gray hair pop up this time last year. My sister was curling my hair for me for my wedding and found some. Yuck! lol.

  14. I’m only 23 and have been suffering from thinning hair for almost a year now. I have stripped down my haircare products to the bare minimum and have avoided SLS products but have had no joy whatsoever.
    I’ve heard some amazing things about Nioxin products so would love to see if they could answer all my haircare problems and save me from the reaches of hairloss!

  15. My hair is so thin and fine it is crazy. I hate it. It looks horrible and I have tried everything.I can’t do anything with it. I would love to try this nioxin.

  16. My hair has been thinning for 8 years and I’ve lost about 60% of it already! And if that wasn’t bad enough, this year I’ve started to develop a receding hairline. I didn’t even realize women could develop receding hairlines! Anyway, I’ve tried so many things to cure my hair loss and spend my time researching hair loss since I hope to find a cure for it one day! My new hobby is blogging about female hair loss!

  17. My hair started thinning after the birth of my second child. I first noticed it
    coming out when I showered. I would love a chance to try this product
    as I’m desperate to plump up my fine, limp hair!

  18. I’m going to 44 in the New Year and I’ve been noticing that my hairline at my temples is starting to recede a bit and my hair seem to be thinning a bit too. I’d love to give it a shot.

  19. I’ve always had thick hair,but I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and my hairstylist mentioned that my hair seemed a bit thinner…definitely not pleasing news! Hopefully Nioxin will help.

  20. I have always had thin hair. Hairdressers have always mentioned it whenever i go to a salon. And as far as I remember I have always lost a lot of hair.

  21. I’m 43 and starting noticing the thinning around age 40. At first I thought it was just from stress or coloring my hair. After doing a little research, I came to the conclusion that it is due to my age GASP! I think I was in denial.

  22. Mine started happening this past year. I notice if I part my hair anywhere that the part is much larger with more scalp showing. It doesn’t help that I have baby fine hair on top of that. It just makes the gaps look that much wider.
    lfhpueblo at msn dot com

  23. My hair started thinning very badly when I started the Depo-Provera shot. I have stopped the shot, but my hair is still thinning.

  24. I experienced my first hair aging thinning experience when I was in my teens! The women on my mother’s side have always had problems with thinning hair, usually starting at the hair line.

  25. Well I too was blessed with alot of hair but that doesnt stop my scalp from feeling dry and i actually experience sorness from the weight of my hair , but like so manyother comments I have read I lose my hair it is so bad that i actually stopped up the tub so now I have to use one of those drain things hen I wash my hair and i have to travel with one also because I would feel terrible if I stopped another drain up which I did at a hotel I was staying at for 4 1/2 monthsbut I didnt feel so bad about that time because I thought of all the other people that stayed there b4 me so yeah but yeah I would loved to try this system just to see if my scalp would feel better and stop making feel like im sheding like a dog even when i brush my hair i will find hair throughout the day even on my catI think I shed more than he does lol …p.s Good Luck to everone that posted a comment and Happy Holidays

  26. I’ve had thin hair all my life, taking after my Mom who has had noticeable bald spots since the age of 50, something I am trying to avoid. So far, my scalp sparseness is not as obvious. It is so embarrassing to be sitting at a table with someone and have them notice a couple of my hairs on it. I make a joke of it, saying “well, I guess I’m shedding” but it is not a joke to me. I am unemployed and competing with people half my age is enough of a challenge without having the added burden of my thinning hair to make me look “old” in an industry where youth is prized. Unemployment only covers the absolute necessities so I cannot afford to try any new products which is why I hope you choose me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. My thinning hair has nothing to do with age really, I have a thyroid condition and it makes my hair come out. I went from having thick hair to having thin hair in a matter or 2 or 3 years. I’d love to try this out and see if it helps! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  28. My hair would love a scalp treatment that would keep it from thinning. I’ll try anything! Great to know it’s color-safe, too!

  29. My hair became thinner after each of my two children were born and it’s even thinner now. It’s always been very fine in texture too. Until my 30’s it was very full…not any more though. I’d love to try this system. My hair stylist told me to try laser treatments…but I can’t with our budget. Thanks!

  30. I was in my early twenties and driving down the highway when I glanced up in my rear view mirror and saw my first gray hair. I completely flipped out. My grandmother, in her regular no holds barred way, told me to get over it because I had a relative that was completely gray by 26. A decade later, I have a number of gray hair and a bit of thinning on top.

  31. Ugh… I have dandruff too. So embarrassing. I have tried everything including drugstore brands (Neutrogena, Head & Shoulders, etc.) and pricier stuff like Philip B. Even Rx shampoo my dermatologist prescribed. Help! If this worked for you, I hope it will work for me. Plus, all the itching and scratching has left me with thinning hair. Definitely did not think this would be a problem at 31…. so embarrassing!

  32. I have always had very fine hair. Ever since I started coloring it in high school, it has progressively gotten thinner and less healthy. I have tried other products that claim to repair and volumize, but I find that most of them just weigh my hair down and make it look flat and stringy. I would love to give this system a try!

  33. after I had my first baby i lost tons of it and it never came back, now that i had my second I am scared i’m going to go bald!

  34. I noticed my thinning hair two years ago when somebody took a picture of me looking down-I could see my scalp!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  35. My first aging/ thinning experience happened my freshman year in highschool. I could see thru my hairline and noticed small gray hairs. My mom told me it was my nerves.

  36. My hair is being to thin at an alarming rate. I’m always so selfconcious of my hair, or lack thereof.

  37. I had my first hair aging/thinning experience a couple of years ago when I styled my hair and then noticed, halfway through the day, that my scalp was showing though in the back. Now I have to make sure to tease to fill in the “blank” spots.

  38. I am only in my twenties and I have always had thick long hair but lately during and after my nursing exam I have noticed an increase in hair fallout as well as hair thinning!

  39. My first aging/ thinning hair experience was in my teens, when I got my first relaxer! Immediately I noticed thinning along my hair line.

  40. When I was about 23, I noticed that I seemed to loose more hair in the shower but didn’t really think much of it because I was under a lot of stress. Then I noticed that my mom’s hair is very thin and realized that it’s probably genetic.

  41. I notice my usually very thick hair getting thinner now that I am 30. I didn’t expect it so soon.
    My hairdresser recommended Nioxin products but I haven’t been able to invest in any yet.

  42. I have alopcia areata. Baldness in spots. It seems to cycle.
    I will lose hair in quarter size patches around my hairline and then it grows back. I also seem to hit the shedding stage really often . my hair is almost embarrassingly thin. I use eyeshadow to camoflage the really sparse parts.
    I would love to try this and see if it could at least slow down these processes! thank you very much for the chance!

  43. My fist aging/thinning experience happened in my teens after a bad relaxer. The stylist left the chemical on too long.

  44. My first hair aging experience was when I found out that white hair does not hold perms as well as non-white hair.

  45. I find way too much hair in the brush and in the shower after shampooing. It’s distressing.

    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  46. My first hair aging/thinning experience started in my teens, after my mom gave me my first relaxer. My hair was brittle and broke off at the ends.

  47. My mum and my boyfriend starts telling me that my hair is everywhere in the house, then I start to pay attention and yeah it starts around 3 years ago… its really annoying and Im taking good care of my hair but its still happening πŸ™

  48. I sadly have a medical condition that is making me lose my hair! Aaargh! I used to have a thick, amazing head of hair, but it started to thin as I started to age. Now throw this in the mix and I’m getting really nervous! I would love, love, love to win this! I’m desperate to try anything!

  49. Not only do I have the aging/thinning problem but I was pretty sick with Gallbladder disease earlier this year and lost over 30 lbs. I got very malnourished so my hair started really thinning. I could use this desperately.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  50. Ever since I started coloring my hair I think it has gotten thinner and it could really use this product

  51. When I turned 28 I started getting white hair (I skipped the greys and went right to white! lol). Now I’m in my mid 30’s and my super thick hair has started to thin, and it just saddens me. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  52. I was only about 23 and taking a break from class in college when I noticed in the bathroom mirror that I had a bright, shiny gray hair. I thought I was seeing things, so I made the whole class stop the lesson and find it to verify I was graying! lol

  53. I suffer from alepcia, right now it comes and goes and I get bald spots about the size of a dime and some times larger. I never know when or where it is going to hit, I just try to keep my hair long enough to hide it till it grows back.

  54. When I get stressed I notice that more hair is left in my brush and in the shower. I would love to try this.

  55. I’ve been a swimmer since I was 6 years old. It means, my hair has been in chlorinated water for years. I don’t know that’s the reason why my hair now feels dry and looks thin and lifeless, and my scalp often gets itchy. I use a very rich moisturizer or hair mask 2-3 times a week, but my hair does not get shiny like it used to. Also, my gray hair are very frizzy.

  56. My first hair aging/ thinning experience started in my early teens. According to my mom, the women on her side, start experiencing hair loss and signs of graying at a young age.

  57. My hair was always super thick, so when I heard stories from other women about thinning hair, I couldn’t relate to it until it happened to me. Way to much hair on my brush or falling through the air as I brush. I would love to try this system!

  58. I swear I have a receding hair line or something! The hair right in the middle of my forehead has always been thin, but it seems to be getting worse all the time. It seriously concerns me and I’ve considered doing something drastic like getting bangs to hide it, even though I think bangs might look worse. I’d love to give this a try and see if it helps!

  59. I never had any problems with my hair until I had my son and then my hair started to thin. It’s not to bad yet, but I really think that it’s time to start taking a proactive approach to my hair now because it get’s any worse!

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