New Too Faced Galaxy Glam Shadows

Too Faced Galaxy Glam Eye Shadow Last week I told you about Too Faced’s Galaxy Glam Eye Shadows and how gorgeous they are. Too Faced has expanded these eyeshadows by introducing four new shades and they are a great compliment to the existing shades, I already picked up a few more. The new shades are:

Amber Asteroid: dark brown with yellow gold
Cocoa Comet: dark brown with sky blue and peach
Magenta Moon: dark brown with vibrant magenta
Mocha Meteor: dark brown with peach champagne

I picked up Amber Asteroid and Cocoa Comet and I’m absolutely in love with Amber Asteroid. The description Sephora gives is a little misleading but it gives a look an intense golden shimmer… very pretty!

3 thoughts on “New Too Faced Galaxy Glam Shadows”

  1. I absolutely love these Too Faced eye shadows and prefer them to the Mac Minerals. The shades are really fabulous. Having said that I am a big fan of Too Faced in general and always buying their latest products. If you are in the UK you can also buy them at less that half price here which saves me a fortune otherwise I would be bankrupt by now!

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