It's the Final Countdown…NARS Vintage Nail Polishes

The highly-anticipated NARS Vintage Nail Polish Collection is coming your way this month. NARS dug deep into its vault for this collection and these polishes will only be back for a limited time. As I’m typing this, I have “The Final Countdown” stuck in my head and a vision of these polishes doing some type of encore victory lap. I haven’t gotten enough sleep this week…that’s for certain!

Here’s the color story and cinematic connection behind each shade:

Mash (1996) – Army green infused with gold
The comedy about the staff of a Korean War field hospital using humor to keep their sanity in the face of war – and the inspiration for the TV series M*A*S*H.

King Kong (1996) – Copper brown infused with gold
The classic movie about the infamous giant ape who becomes smitten with beauty

Midnight Express (1996) – Deep navy
The 1970s film for an inmate’s opportunity to escape from prison

Zulu (1996) – Forest green
A British war movie starring Stanley Baker and Michael Caine, directed by Cy Endfield in 1964

Full Metal Jacket (1998) – Gunmetal grey
An epic Vietnam War movie directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1987

For swatches, I encourage you to check out All Lacquered Up. Personally, I’m LOVING Mash and Midnight Express — both shades are new to me. In 1996, my 14-year old self was a nail biter!! No polish on those stubbies, that was for sure.  NARS Vintage Polishes each retail for $16 and are available at (but some shades are already gone!). I spotted these at Nordstrom this weekend as well, so if you want one, act fast!

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