The New Nude Lip for Fall

The new nude lip for fall is not pale and Kim K. circa 2009, but rather, a little earthy and autumnal. It mimics your natural lip color but pulls a little brown. You could say it’s got a touch of the 90s thrown in there. It could be matte, satin or as I prefer, Velvet Gloss-y. Oh, NARS. I’m so devoted to your Velvet Gloss Pencils. The newest addition for fall, More, is an auburn hue. It’s got more than just a touch of the 90s in there – it’s very reminiscent of that era for me. And, I love how it looks on me. I love it even more, though, blended with NARS Velvet Gloss Pencil in Buenos Aires. Together, these two create the perfect new nude lip. It’s fresh, healthy and perfect for the season.

L-R: Buenos Aires, More; both shades blended together

What do you think of the new nude?

8 thoughts on “The New Nude Lip for Fall”

  1. I love these colors, they look really creamy and perfect. I think I’ll go surf amazon and see if I can find some 🙂 thanks for the review.

  2. Love the color but I prefer darker shade since I have pale looking skin. Putting on a darker shade but not too dark makes my skin look amazing. By the way, are there darker shades? How much does it cost?

  3. You are right they look perfect together! Now if they could be combined into one pencil! I think that these are expensive! 😉

  4. They are great. Love the two mixed together! nude on lips should look like normal lip color, not pale and frosty

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