How to Wear NARS Undress Me Multiple

NARS Fall 2012 has landed, officially. One of the items we were most looking forward to seeing is Undress Me Multiple. It’s so demure looking, and the name only reinforces that for me. The biggest question I had was, how similar will this be to NARS Luxor? I love that Multiple infinitely, and I really wasn’t looking for another icy pink. And the good news is that Undress Me couldn’t be more different. Luxor is a smooth, pale iridescent pink and Undress Me is a ballerina pink with silver glitter. I almost pick up a slight lavender hue in Undress Me as well. I actually love the base color — it reminds me of the Lined Luster Scarf I snagged on sale at Anthropologie a few weeks ago!

Even with the blingy glitter, I find Undress Me to be very wearable. The thing with this kind of glitter is you have to embrace it. If sparkles aren’t your thing, this isn’t going to work for you. Despite the name “Multiple,” I confess that I almost never use these products on my eyes. But it’s my favorite way to wear Undress Me. Press it on to the lid, blend a bit (but not too much or you use that base color and are left with sparkle only) and either leave it or layer a powder shadow over. I used the rosy side of NARS Alhambra but you could use any light toned shadow.

I also dusted this with a small blush brush over the cheekbones and around the browbone. I would recommend avoiding using this as an all over blush, as many of the other Multiples can work as. Use a very neutral pink-toned blush, like NARS Douceur, to complement the look but not distract. In the photo above, I dabbed a pale lavender gloss, NARS Larger than Life Lip Gloss in Born this Way, on my lips. I like a more monochromatic look with Undress Me.The sparkle should lead the way, and everything else you wear on your face should be subtle and smooth.

Will you try Undress Me? It may not be for everyone, but it sure is fun! We recommend checking out Luxor if you had your sights set on a shimmer minus the glitter.

3 thoughts on “How to Wear NARS Undress Me Multiple”

  1. ahh, Undress Me is a pretty shade, and I’m not shy of the glitter. I don’t have anything NARS yet, although I’ve always wanted to try Orgasm to see how it worked on my naturally rosy cheeks. I rarely wear blush so I’m never sure when to try!

  2. I was so looking forward to this one, but the glitter is too much for me I think! I have Luxor and love that one so yeah. But it’s very pretty on you!

  3. Can not wait to order this, it looks so so pretty!!

    Sorry to ask but I’ve been seeing the same editing look on lots of pictures recently with the light dots, what photo software/app do you use for it??

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