New! NARS Spring 2011 Collection

NARS Spring 2011 collection is coming our way later this week, and according to Mr. NARS, he imagined it to be rich and modern with vibrant colors and pastels. The combination, he says, reminds him of the hues in nature that catch his eye when spring is approaching.

NARS chose model Iris Stubegger to be the face of the campaign, specifically because he felt her androgynous look embodied the effortless chic and cool sophistication that he envisioned for the collection. What do you think of his choice? I think he achieved his objective. I really like the almost nude lip combination shown on Iris, which is a mix of Tzigane Lipstick topped with Madère Pure Matte Lipstick.

Let’s take a closer look at the collection!

Bateau Ivre Duo Eyeshadow – Sky blue and deep denim blue. Could this be a bluer version of Jolie Poupee?

Nouveau Monde Duo Eyeshadow – A duo of metallic silver lilac and olive gold. NARS used the olive gold side of this at the Marc Jacobs’ Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show layered over Celebrate (the bright green shadow pencil).

Calanque Trio Eyeshadow – A neutral powerhouse for-sure! Gold-infused platinum with silver flecks, light matte caramel and rich antique gold-infused bronze.

Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil – The aforementioned bright green, specifically “parrot green.” I see this definitely being a layer piece — as I don’t know how many of us can pull this off as is.

Hollywoodland Soft Touch Shadow Pencil – Another cream shadow pencil, this time in a pale gold named after the famed Hollywood Hills landmark. Pretty right? Bet it would be perfect layered under the Calanque trio.

Madere Pure Matte Lipstick – I’m really interested to see this nude pink in person. It looks very pale in the promo images, but it could be perfect. Perhaps the nude pink counterpart to the nude beige of Tashkent? If so,

Nana Lip Gloss – Named after the French translation for “chick” or “girl, Nana is a deep black grape, that I envision being pretty sheer. NARS recommends wearing this alone or layered to boost the intensity of any base lip shade.

Angelika Lip Gloss – Happy to see the blush glosses introduced earlier this year promoted again. This is a really bright cotton candy pink with gold and silver shimmers that is bea-ut-iful on the lips. Check out our swatches for a reminder!

Super Orgasm Lip Gloss – We all know this amped up peachy pink gloss — it’s definitely a glitter-fest!

Tzigane Lipstick – Lots of lip options from NARS this Spring – this one being a pink brandy. Based on the promo image, it looks like it could be a really natural shade on many women.

Desparado Nail Polish – I like the name. It’s an antique brass. I’m all about metallics for spring, so interested to check it out.

So what does everyone think? I think there are a lot of great classic options in this collection, and I’m excited to see these shades in action. While I’m not sold on parrot green, I’ll admit I’m curious what it would look like under the olive gold in the Nouveau Monde duo. But for now, Hollywoodland, Calanque and Madere are topping out my must-have.  NARS Spring will be online January 15th.

5 thoughts on “New! NARS Spring 2011 Collection”

  1. Being a neutral girl, I have my eye on the Calanque trio. The Hollywoodland eye pencil might be a great eye brightener in the inner corner too. Will def check this out this weekend. Thank Laurie, especially for the lip swatches!

  2. Such a lovely post with very pretty colours! I find the bronze-y green tones so appealing! I’m with Cindy and as a neutral lover myself that eye trio looks tempting! Curious to see that matte Tzigane lippy in real life…it could be great or just look like concealer on me 😉

  3. I agree–I’m a neutrals girl and these colors and the advertising image are very appealing. I can’t wait to try the lipstick and the gloss in Angelika. Plus the eyeshadow trio.

  4. Hollywoodland looks fabulous and I’d definitely consider rocking the parrot green as a thick liner, sspecially in the spring or summer. Nouveau Monde irritates me because I love the silver lilac side but could never, in a million years, pull off olive gold (I’m way too cool toned and fair for that)! Oh, and I agree, Bateau Ivre is definitely Jolie Poupee’s bluer sister. The model reminds me of the Ivan character on L Word.

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