New! Nordstrom Exclusive: Nars 'Some Like it Hot'

In my daily perusing of “what’s new” in beauty at, this Nars Some Like it Hot set appeared. Isn’t it wonderful? It features three of my favorite items that  I probably use almost every day – Greek Holiday Lip Gloss, Larger than Life Volumizing Mascara and the Orgasm Illuminator. All full-size and accompanied by a chic Nars cosmetic bag for $69. Love!

Seriously, with every use of the Orgasm Illuminator I love it that much more. Lately, I’ve been using it as a finisher. I’ll dab a little on my MAC 188 and blend over my cheekbones and the high points of my face. It never alters the makeup I’m already wearing, rather it just gives a serious glow. The “I naturally look this way” kind.

Has anyone given the O Illuminator a try since it came out? Let us know if you have – and how you’ve been using it. I’m seriously convinced this product has superpowers it does so much!

3 thoughts on “New! Nordstrom Exclusive: Nars 'Some Like it Hot'”

  1. i bought the o illuminator a few weeks ago and use a small amount mixed in with my moisturizer every morning. it brightens me up, i love it!

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