Beauty VIP of the Week: NARS Silk Road Duo Eyeshadow

The real VIP of the week was my Hunter Wellies, but the Beauty VIP was most definitely NARS Silk Road. This launched as part of NARS Fall 2009 collection, and it remains one of my favorite duos today. I rediscovered it and now I can’t get enough. It’s neutral with a rosy twist. The left side is a neutral icy pink that brightens up the entire eye lid.  The other half is a rose gold with specks of gold glitter. Together, these colors make me feel like a princess. To avoid being too much of a princess, a good tap of the brush before applying the rose gold side minimizes gold glitter fallout!

What beauty product were you obsessed with this week?

2 thoughts on “Beauty VIP of the Week: NARS Silk Road Duo Eyeshadow”

  1. I think I have tried that in the past. Most shadows are hit and miss with me. It’s I either like them, or really hate them.

    I think i might give this one another go… 🙂

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