NARS Opens its First Boutique!

If I ever needed proof that dreams could indeed come true, the opening of NARS first stand-alone boutique in Manhattan’s West Village is that proof. While that is a tad dramatic, the hope of one day having a NARS boutique in Chicago is no longer a pipe dream. There’s a stake in the ground, and it’s at 413 Bleeker Street in New York.

NARS boutique opens officially February 10. I can’t wait until Carla and I make our next trip to New York to see it live and in-person. From the images and description, this is definitely a space that could only belong to NARS. The design aesthetic resembles the black and white packaging we know so well, and there’s a glossy red (ala Jungle Red lipstick) block at the back of the boutique against a matte black wall.

The best part will be the exclusive products, a new version of the Bento Box from Holiday ’10 and a new shade of Pure Matte Lipstick in a warm-rose brown named 413 Bleecker. Also look out for other, non-beauty favorites of François Nars (from books to film) to be sold.

3 thoughts on “NARS Opens its First Boutique!”

  1. That is pretty sweet. Im likin it. I get excited every year to go to Atlantic City because they have a big spa there and they feature all Nars products.

  2. sigh…wish i could get there soon! maybe when some of the snow melts and the great white north warms up! This place looks AMAZING!

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