NARS Makeup Cleansing Oil, Now I'm a Believer

A common myth is that those of us with oily skin can’t use oil-based cleansers.  Quite the contrary. I used to be of the school of thought that using an oil cleanser would take me to breakout city, but I am now a believer. And the man that got me there goes by the name of Francois. Francois NARS!


I went to the Nordstrom Fall Trend show in Chicago last month and the NARS makeup artist used the new Makeup Cleansing Oil as a first step. Admittedly, I was nervous but it felt great on my skin and I was easily distracted by the gorgeous swatch of Mekong that I’d swiped on my hand before I sat in the chair.

I ended up purchasing the Cleansing Oil after my makeover (along with the gorgeous Mekong!), and I haven’t looked back since. It’s meant to be a first-step in the cleansing process as it breaks down makeup and excess oil on your skin, improving clarity and softening skin.  Basically, it removes any trace of makeup from your pores whatsoever and leaves no oily residue behind. It can be used on eyes, face, lips, on wet or dry skin and is a true miracle worker.

It’s not cheap at $40, but for that price you get a massive amount of product – 6.7 oz. For the past month, I’ve used about one-two pumps daily and I haven’t even made a dent in the bottle.  In my book, that’s a smart splurge!

I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin and I think it is because my skin is getting a deeper, yet softer, cleanse.

NARS Makeup Cleansing Oil is available at NARS counters and on their Web site.

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  1. I have heard that oil is good for cleansing skin because of course oil breaks up oil. I know Shu Uemera makes oil cleansers too and I was thinking of trying them out. Maybe I can get samples from Sephora and try both out.

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