Lip Stains are Lovely

Narslipstaingloss I’m all about lip stains, all about long lasting lip color, that is me… all about not having to touch up my lips whenever possible. So of course I had to mention Nars Lip Stain Gloss. Unlike Stila’s Lip Rouge, this goes on with the ease of a gloss and does not uncomfortably dry out your lips. It actually takes a little while to dry, which I think is a good thing. It gives you a little time to correct a mistake, if needed, unlike MAC’s Pro Longwear Lipcolours. If I were complain about anything, it would be the lack of color selection, which seems to be the case with most long wearing lip color. I ended up going with Rage (Daredevil is the one pictured) which looks a little better on the website’s swatch than it does in person. It’s still a great color though, it’s just the lightest of them all. Overall, this is good stuff, a tad expensive though.

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