NARS Lhasa Eyeshadow is a Single that's Ready to Mingle

NARS Lhasa Eyeshadow is what I like to call a “single that’s ready to mingle.” These are the best kind of eyeshadows, really. By definition, these outgoing eyeshadows play incredibly well with others. They quickly earn a permanent place in the makeup bag, and are reached for at least five days a week. As much as I love eyeshadow duos, trios and palettes, there’s nothing quite like a versatile single.

Lhasa and its flattering lavender grey shimmer is the epitome of this eyeshadow category. It’s been mingling with all sorts of other eyeshadows, cream bases and eyeliners for the past week. And everytime I wear it, no matter how, it looks great. On the lid and into the crease with smudgey plum eyeliner or paired with the mid-tone rose shade in Douce France. And not to be forgotten…Lhasa on its own. It’s a single after all — totally independent and not leaning on another shade. It’s perfect in texture, wear and color. In fact, an eyeshadow hasn’t evoked such a reaction in me since I discovered MAC Moleskin. And wouldn’t you know it? Moleskin and Lhasa are stunning together. Of course they are! They’re both the mingling type.

Don’t gloss over this single. You may have similar shades, but Lhasa practically earns a paycheck it’s so good.