Beauty Bites from a Vegas Vacation

After what may have been one of the craziest three month stretches I’ve ever had, a vacation was just what the doctor ordered. What better place to unwind and let loose at the same time than Vegas? We aren’t huge gamblers (though I proudly won $20 on the nickel slots!)  but give me a pool, desert heat, cold drinks and good food and I’m a happy camper. Here’s the Vegas rewind, from a beauty perspective!

Every vacation calls for a fresh mani. I opted for NARS Koliary, a stunning cyan blue from the brand’s Thakoon collab. Don’t you just want to go swimming in that nail polish?

I had every intention of reading Rob Lowe’s “Stories I Tell My Friends” poolside, but was so captivated by it I read it cover to cover on the plane! One of the best celeb memoirs (if not the best) I’ve ever read. His stories are amazing. Highly recommend.

Can you think of a better place to wear the top body bronzer used by celebs and makeup artists around the world than Vegas? Scott Barnes Body Bling was the perfect accessory at night, on my arms, décolleté and legs. While I was getting plenty of sun (and reapplying sunscreen every 45 minutes – those rays were intense!), Body Bling brought my tan to a whole new level.

I fell in love (again) with NARS Luster Blush. The perfect shimmery apricot that can almost double as a bronzer. In fact, it looks really good layered over a matte bronzer. I just cannot get enough of this, and wore it every single day in Vegas!


11 thoughts on “Beauty Bites from a Vegas Vacation”

  1. I love Rob Lowe! That book is on my list now! And you know, I don’t have NARS Luster! Not sure why, but I think you’ve convinced me to get it!

  2. Love love Vegas! I go twice a year. I am not much of a gambler but I get my fill or sun,fun and all the high end beauty products that I can not get at home and don’t want to buy online. It’s so much fun to have all that beauty available in person! Heck even the drugstores are better!!!! Glad you had a great time. P.S. I tried to tell from the view where you are staying and my guess is MGM. Am I right?

    1. Robin — we stayed at the Palazzo (that’s the Wynn you see in that photo across the way!) Gorgeous hotel — bigger than my first apartment, lol.

    1. Cindy, it’s so funny because I have not touched Luster in probably a year and now I’m hooked! Sorry you gave it away… 🙂

  3. Is the Body Bling a self-tanner or just a lotion to give you a little extra color? I’m vey fair skinned so this kind of thing always makes me nervous! Is it very glittery? (i.e. would it only be appropriate for a night out in Vegas?)

    1. Hi Lauren! Body Bling is very blingy…definitely some glitter action in there! It’s an instant illuminizer, so washes off when you shower.

  4. For some reason, when I hear and read about Vegas, the first thing that pops to my mind is glamour. And I think you planned your stay there very well. What kind of activities did you do here?

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