NARS Illuminators, Super O my Glow Please

Every now and then, a product comes around that I need in every form it exists. NARS Illuminators are one such case. I’m absolutely smitten with these glow-inducing liquid wonders. I can even wear them all together and not overdo it on the glow. They all serve their own purpose to create a perfectly illuminated face.

L-R, top to bottom: Orgasm, Super Orgasm; Copacabana, Laguna

For me, my illuminating recipe is to mix Orgasm in with my foundation. I then use Laguna as a contour, the areas I’d normally sweep bronzer, and next use Super Orgasm as a blush. I finish it off with Copacabana on the cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and a tiny dab near the browbone. A serious glow indeed, and only the tiniest dabs of product needed. Of course, just one of these can give you the J-Lo glow.

Clearly, I can’t get enough of these, but there’s one shade that really surprised me: Super Orgasm. It’s much more intense than the original Orgasm Illuminator, much like the blush and gloss versions of the shade. It’s much more subtle on the glitter though (there’s really none), and is a perfect pinky peach. If you’re on the fence about these, or didn’t get behind the original, I think you’d be quite pleased with Super O.