NARS Gaiety and Mexican Rose for Spring 2012

NARS Gaiety Blush and Mexican Rose Velvet Gloss Pencil for Spring 2012 are a perfect pair. A match made in makeup. This candy pink blush and hot pink glossy pencil are probably my favorite two items to come from NARS Spring 2012 collection. A bright cheek and lip is a look I find myself sporting lately. It’s a definite time saver in the morning, as I all but skip eye makeup, and a great way to beat the winter blues. That, and Vitamin D gummy vitamins. Which are so delicious, I sometimes want to eat handfuls. But, I digress.

Mexican Rose has an almost electric pink look to it, and it is definitely bolder than I expected. I think that the Velvet Gloss Pencil formula is the best thing to happen to lip products in a long time. They don’t dry your lips out, and wear incredibly well. Mexican Rose is a bit different than its counterparts in the product line, though, in a good way. It is a powerhouse. It’s glossy, yes, but it performs like a stain. I wore this for 12 hours, and only reapplied a few times (mainly because I crave the glossy finish). But between applications, the bright pink hue never actually disappeared.  The color actually reminds me of one of my favorite bold lipsticks, Bobbi Brown Cosmic Rasberry.

Snowflakes were falling when I snapped this shot (evidence in my hair!). Even the onslaught of winter could not keep me from smiling, though. Let’s just say that Gaiety is the most appropriate name for this blush, as the NARS translation is “joyful exuberance.” It totally makes me happy. Especially when 10 hours later, Gaiety was just as pink on my cheeks as it was when I applied it in the early morning hour. 

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