The Best Seat in Fashion: NARS Front Row Set

I’m on my megaphone here: MUST-HAVE, AMAZING SET by NARS, HOT FOR SPRING. The Sephora-exclusive NARS Front Row Set it such a fantastic set, that even the NARS ladies at Nordstrom were eyeing it up! For $59, you’ll get a four-piece set featuring the Nouveau Monde Eyeshadow Duo for spring, a mini Multiple in the exclusive shade Palm Springs, a full-size Orgasm Lip Gloss and a full-size Eyeliner Stylo in Nuits Blanches (jet black).

I love every piece in this set, but the star of the show is Nouveau Monde. This is a beautiful duo for Spring, and is everything I love about NARS duos. The pairings are interesting, not something you’d think to put together.¬† But he metallic silver lilac and olive gold are like besties on the eyes — they are very¬†complementary.

These shades work well on their own as well. I’ve been using the silver lilac all over the lid and drawing a thick line along my lashes with the Eyeliner Stylo. It feels very spring and has a brightening effect.

I spotted this set, along with the others NARS is offering, at Sephora. It’d be great to see these each season, don’t you think?

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  1. Ok, I definitely thought I could not pull off “olive gold” but I can, I can. It looks gorgeous. Thanks for the swatches!

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