Easy to Love: Nars Easy Lover Lip Gloss for Spring

While I’ll always give a nod to Cupid on Valentine’s Day, the historic day of love has developed into so much more for me in recent years. One of my nieces celebrates a birthday on February 14 and my dog, who is like our child, will turn two on February 12. So rather than on a date with my husband, we’re usually with family and we quite like like it that way. Imagine my surprise when I got a rather cryptic email from my husband asking if I was “free”  for a pre-Valentine’s Day dinner this week. Very sweet, and of course I said yes!

For date night with the husband, I’ll be wearing my new lip gloss love – Nars Easy Lover. Isn’t it beautiful – all bright and pink? I’m going to pair it with a black cat eye and soft pink cheeks. While Easy Lover looks shockingly pink in the tube, it isn’t as bold on the lips. I first read about Easy Lover in December on The Cut, when it was deemed the universal pink gloss.

While it’s more bold on me than the women in these photos it still is much softer than what you’d expect.  It’s described as an ultra-sheer hot pink – and I think the key word there is sheer. It’s truly perfect and oh so easy to love. Keep the hits coming Mr. Nars!

Has anyone given Easy Lover a try? And what’s on your agenda for Valentine’s Day?

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4 Responses to “Easy to Love: Nars Easy Lover Lip Gloss for Spring”

  1. Ooh, it looks so pretty! We pretty much ignore valentines day in our relationship, and usually aren’t even in the same city – this year is a first! :)

  2. Looks kinda scary but I’d try it! We’re going to the BF’s mother’s house for the weekend–romantic huh?

  3. Rowan says:

    It’s really cute! I went out and got it today. It is not a scary pink, and I got many compliments on it!

  4. Easy love indeed…. I love everything from NARS!

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