Dare to Wear Rose Eyeshadow: NARS Douce France Trio

We all have a comfort zone with makeup. Especially eye makeup. Generally consisting of neutrals of the brown and grey variety. No shame in that, but I do believe it’s a good practice to step outside of the zone to freshen up our look. Luckily, every season, NARS creates something beautiful that brings out our adventurous side. This spring, adventure for me comes in the form of NARS Douce France Eyeshadow Trio.

My experience with pink eyeshadows doesn’t usually veer far from the “baby” category. The thinking being that pink shades will make me look tired or clash with my skin tone. But, NARS takes shades of rose and turns them into easy to wear shades.

The Douce France trio includes a soft, shimmery pale pink, which is lovely. Not glittery, but glimmers of sparkle here and there. Helps your inner princess shine, but in a subtle way. The middle shade is a satin-matte mid-tone pink. Depending on your skin tone, this is light enough to be a lid shade or dark enough for the crease. This shadow is SMOOTH. I love it. It plays so well with the pale pink in the trio. As for the deep rose, it’s got a brown undertone so is not as scary as you may think. Yes, it is maroon. Which intimidated me at first, but I think it’s an edgy way to wear color in the crease.  This trio is so girly and daring at the same time. It just fits my LIFE.

Douce France can also double as a blush. If you swirl your brush across all three shadows, out comes a lovely rose color. For as much mileage you can get out of this, it definitely earns its $45 price tag.

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