Oh My Nars

Narsfall2006 I’ve been slacking a bit lately… I should have said something about this much, much sooner considering this is one of my favorite lines. Nars has come out with fabulous new products for Fall 2006 and I’m drooling. Actually, I’m about to head out the door for a “research” trip to all my usual stops so I will be playing with this today and loving every single minute of it. I haven’t even seen these products in person yet but I have a feeling they will be good, it’s Nars, how could it not be?

I’m sure these places think I’m a weirdo when they see me taking notes and swatches of color trailing up my arms because my hands are full.

Nars_color_fall2006 Nars has released two new eyeshadow duos, a new blush, a new lipgloss, a new lipstick and two new Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, I’m a huge fan of these lip pencils. One of these is a mandatory purchase for me as one of them shares part of my name. As for eyeshadow, I’ve got my eye on the duo on the right, Bohemian Gold. it’s just calling my name saying “buy me, buy me”. I’m not sure about the lip gloss, I’m kind of lip gloss’ed out but the beautiful caramel pink coloring is certainly gorgeous. The new lipstick is certainly worth a look, with it’s rich berry color, it will be a hot color for the fall. I don’t think Nars has ever disappointed me with it’s products so I’m sure I’ll love this just as much in person… but I’ll let you know later.

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  1. Hey,

    while I enjoy listening your podcast, you say “um” a LOT. “Uh” is said also, but not as much so try to work on not saying those two things. I dunno, maybe practice saying it a couple of times and doing it again? And I would like a tone that was more organized and moving along quickly whereas I often feel that you are meandering through what you want to talk about. Also, if you write out what you’re going to say, you’ll avoid repeating phrases which you also do quite a lot and you will come off as being well spoken. Keep going though, because I like hearing about the make-up.

    P.S. you said the word “mattifier” right. 🙂

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