The Gentle Picker Upper

I am not one to use eye makeup remover. It is mostly due to laziness as I don’t want to add that extra step at night to my face washing routine. I find that the whatever face wash I am using at the moment is sufficient enough to get all the remnants of eye makeup off. That being said, I was more than happy to try the NARS Eye Makeup Remover.

Nars Eye Makeup Remover I am a huge fan of Nars Cosmetics and love their sophisticated design and clean packaging. This particular product is simply named Eye Makeup Remover. According to the website it is a” high-performance, extremely mild makeup remover that removes all types of makeup.” Well this stuff is truly a god send. I know there are a few tried and true eye makeup removers out there, but this one does the job that much better. It has no scent to speak of, leaves no oily residue and does not sting the eyes one little bit.

When I use eye makeup remover or any soap product for that matter on my face, I am not very careful about not getting it in my eyes and I have been stung quite a few times. This product, however, was extremely gentle and there was no sting to speak of. There was no extensive tugging at the precious corners of my eyes needed, just a few swipes on a cotton pad and it was pretty much gone. Also, the formula is “layered” so to speak so you have to shake up the bottle to mix the top and bottom liquids together for it to work which is always a fun perk. Yet another great addition to the fabulosity that is the Nars brand.