Back to Barely There: NARS Buenos Aires Velvet Gloss Pencil


If there’s one product to pull me out of the bright lip phase and back to barely there, you know it’s going to be the NARS Velvet Gloss Pencil. If you’re new here, we obsess over these pencils on the regular. It should come as no surprise that one of the must-have products from the NARS Summer 2012 collection is the Buenos Aires Velvet Gloss Pencil. A true nude, it’s the color I’ve been wanting in the Velvet Gloss line-up since its initial launch.

It’s got slightly peachy undertones, but it is a naked-y nude. I love it. The glossy texture gives it a fresh look on the lips. And while many nude lips give the corpse effect, Buenos Aires manages to bring a subtle vibrancy to my face. Don’t you think? I think it shows off my Luster blush perfectly (this blush obsession might last awhile). While I’m loving Buenos Aires in its pure state, it is also lovely layered over (or under!) other lip products. I especially like it mixed with NARS Bolero, last summer’s Velvet Matte beauty.

If you like your nudes a touch less naked, check out NARS Hopi. The Velvet Gloss Pencil is where it’s at, people!

6 thoughts on “Back to Barely There: NARS Buenos Aires Velvet Gloss Pencil”

  1. Hi Laurie, I’ve been waiting for your post on Buenos Aires!! I love how you’ve paired it with Luster in this photo— plus your scarf is so fun too. It makes me happy when NARS releases lighter and more nude shades, since that’s what I usually wear. I know I would love BA but I’m still on the fence until I see it in store 🙂

  2. So pretty on you!! I need to take a closer look at the counter now! I’ve kind of skipped this collection thinking nothing would look good on me, but every time I see something it looks so good on them!

    1. Tracy, have you seen/swatched the Ramatuelle trio? It is SO good. The orange comes across very neutral on my eyes. SO WEARABLE. Hands down, the best NARS trio ever.

  3. So pretty! I wish someone would show us olive-toned skins which nudes work best. I always feel my nudes fall flat on skin.

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