Splurge of the Season: NARS Bento Box

The NARS Bento Box is a thing of beauty in the truest sense. We haven’t really delved into holiday yet, but I am already going to declare this the splurge of the season. Hearing the creative inspiration behind NARS latest creation gives me that much more respect for the man. He’s the ultimate artist and we wanted to share in NARS words, the story behind this product:

Throughout all of his extensive international travels, Founder and Creative Director François Nars has always found Japanese culture to be a great source of inspiration, specifically the concept of Kabuki makeup. Years ago, after traveling to Japan, François brought back a small, porcelain pot with a red film of color– Kabuki makeup for the lips. Debuting this holiday season after years of development is the NARS Bento Box Set – a limited edition set of two Kabuki cups that were hand-poured with a new exclusive-to-NARS lipstick formula in highly pigmented shades containing Vitamin E.

This set will be available November 1, and NARS has a wait-list forming on its website. It retails for $125 and there are only 1,000 sets created for sale in the U.S. (2,000 worldwide). When we said splurge, we meant it! For me, this is art and it totally gets me excited. And poor Carla has been having palpitations ever since she saw the campaign images!

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