Narciso Rodriguez For Her In Color

In a word, Narciso Rodriguez For Her In Color can be summed up as sensual. If you wanted another word to describe this fragrance, I’d say alluring. This fragrance is sexy from the ground up and decidedly different from its Essence in Color counterpart that was released at the same time. Where Essence in Color is clean, soapy and feminine, For Her In Color is warm and seductive in contrast.

Even though patchouli is commonly used as a base note,  this fragrance opens with a commanding hit of patchouli that quickly softens and becomes bewitching without being aggressive. After the hit of patchouli dissipates, notes of peach and rose begin to emerge in a light veil of vanilla. Like all of the Narciso Rodriguez fragrances I’ve tried, the wear is beautiful; it grabs the skin and doesn’t let go. This is a fragrance you’d wear when you want to attract the right kind of attention, just like the bottle does. The design is sexy and sleek with worthy of being displayed.

You can find Narciso Rodriguez For Her in Color at Nordstrom, a 3.3oz Eau de Parfum retails for $108.00. If you like your fragrances on the warm side, this is a fragrance you should get to know.

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