Narciso Rodriguez Essence in Color

I get the feeling Narciso Rodriguez must personally know me because he keeps clearly designing fragrances for me. I first fell in love Narciso’s namesake fragrance, he wrapped me up in its beautiful warm cashmere blanket of a scent and kept me cozy and warm and now he just keeps making fragrances that feel like little personal gifts from him to me. I feel like Narciso is extremely intelligent with his design as he seems to know who loves his fragrances and keeps building on that initial attraction. I am now truly in love with Essence in Color. Like his namesake, it is a beautiful skin but better scent.

Essence in Color is feminine but not girly, it has a hint of timeless classic yet there’s a refreshing clean feel that is overly soapy. As Essence in Color is going to play differently on everyone’s skin on mine it opens with a lovely and delicate top note of rose petals, the powdery and clean iris note carries through from the middle to the dry down with a very quiet hint of amber that adds to it being warm but doesn’t take away from it being clean smelling. Essence in Color has great staying power and lifts off the skin just enough for someone close to enjoy it.

You can find Essence in Color at Macy’s and Sephora online starting at $84 for a 1.6oz bottle. I can only hope someone decides to make other products with this scent. I would gladly submerge myself in a barrel of this scent. Stay tuned for more on Narciso Rodriguez For Her in Color. Have experienced any of his fragrances?

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