Lip Gloss Couture

You may have heard of the name Napoleon Perdis but have yet to try one of his line’s products. Now Sephora is giving you the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet with the amazing Napoleon Perdis products with this great lip gloss set.

Napoleon Perdis Lip Couture The Napoleon Perdis Lip Couture gift set contains 5 lip glosses in these amazing vivid colors for only $25. The lip gloss itself is really good with a ton of shine. It’s got a brush applicator instead of a doe foot application and it’s got a really nice texture. It’s a little bit on the thicker side but it’s not the least bit tacky. It’s also very pigmented so you could skip color underneath if you wanted to. I’ve been wearing this lip gloss in Paris lately and it’s a very lovely and light berry shade. This formula also features some plumping agents but it’s not tingly at all, it gives you a pleasant warm sensation on your lips.