A Whimsical and Girly Scent

One look at Nanette Lepore’s signature perfume and you can’t help but be drawn in. The bottle is girly and whimsical, and fragrance inside is intriguing.

Nanette Lepore Perfume This scent is what Nanette Lepore likes to call a “fragrance tapestry”, weaving threads together to create a fragrance inspired by the designer’s very own daughter/muse, Violet. It features top notes of moonstone rose, white peach and white cranberry. The middle notes include magenta nectar, black currant, orange jasmine and Persian lime juice. This all settles on a base of violet, amber and Indian sandalwood.

If floral fragrances are your cup of tea, I think you’ll like Nanette Lepore. It’s fruity but not too sweet. At first, the note I seem to detect the most is the white peach and I really enjoy how fresh and sparkling it is. As it dries down, it seems to become powdery and there’s a sensuality in it that I really like, thanks to the amber and Indian sandalwood base notes. This is one tapestry that I am truly enjoying.