Just Another Mani Monday: Nails Inc Warwick Way

This weekend my friend and I went to became obsessed with the Nails Inc. display at Sephora. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my tweets. We tried on a new shade of nail polish on each one of our nails and compared our results with each other and even other shoppers. We we were impressed with so many of the shades we tried, many of them gave us almost completely opaque bottle color with just one coat. Out of all of the shades we tried, Warwick Way was the one we fell in love with hard. This shade is described as a bright emerald on Sephora’s website but it is really a gorgeous teal that leans a little more green than blue. The image here, which I tried to capture in different lighting, does not do this shade justice. It is just gorgeous.

I have to say that right now, I’m loving everything about Nails Inc. The colorful display reels you in and the price is just right. Each bottle retails for $9.50 which is just like the Sephora by OPI shades. Each shade I have swatched leads me to believe the formula is pretty solid and well pigmented. The line also has effects and treatments as well. There are glitters and crackle top coats in addition to the Westminster Bridge Matte Effect Top Coat, this doesn’t dry completely matte. Instead it gives nails a shine free buffed look. My absolute favorite is the Special Effects Electric Lane Holographic Glitter Top Coat. It is not on the website but you can find it in stores. Adding a coat of this to anything on your nails is just makes it magical. Nails Inc. is stealing my heart, this line is mostly made up for cream shades with a few sheer and metallic shades thrown in. Except some swatches soon!

Is Nails Inc luring you in? I definitely hope so! What’s on your nails today? Let me know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Just Another Mani Monday: Nails Inc Warwick Way”

  1. Thanks for the tip. I’m now loving a brand called Butter London. I think it’s from Seattle but I’m not sure. Do you know it? And, if yes, how does it compare to Nails Inc?

    1. Hi Katrien! Yes, definitely familiar with Butter London. It is indeed a Seattle brand. Their aesthetic is definitely different and I think both have good formulas but Nails Inc just from my initial testing, seems much more pigmented. It’s also much cheaper, each BL shade is $14.

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