My Skin Story with Lancome Dreamtone

Lancome DreamTone

Lancôme has been on point with its skincare game lately, with its serums in particular. First the amazingness that is Visionnaire and now the new DreamTone, a customized skin tone correcting serum. When DreamTone was first launched, I was definitely curious about it but not for the right reasons. I thought it was a tinted-moisturizer/serum hybrid of sorts since it comes in Fair, Medium and Dark. DreamTone is not a tinted-moisturizer; let’s get that part straight so you don’t make the same assumption I did. I was unsure of which shade to choose because I didn’t understand the product enough. What DreamTone really is, is a powerful serum you can use to target those areas of concern with your skin.

It all starts with the three options offered in Fair, Medium and Dark. Each option targets dark spots and uneven skin tone but each one targets an additional concern. For Fair, DreamTone sets its sight on redness. For Medium, DreamTone combats sallowness. Finally, Dark fights acne and blemish marks. For best results, you should use DreamTone morning and night under your moisturizer of choice.

When it came time to choose my shade, Fair immediately jumped out at me. I have some hormonal issues that make some parts of my skin a definite challenge on a daily basis. I’ve never really talked about it openly because it has always embarrassed me. Most of those issues are dark spots along my chin and jawline that make concealer a permanent fixture in my life but there is also a great deal of redness that has developed as I’ve gotten older. I’ve been using Lancôme DreamTone for over a month now and in that amount of time, I’ve seen a difference in my skin. It integrated perfectly into my existing skincare routine. In the morning I use a gentle cleanser followed by a light, oil-free moisturizer over DreamTone then at night I use an oil based makeup remover to break everything down. I follow that up with a cleanser that contains salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acids then add a little bit of a gentle powder exfoliant. The last few steps of the evening are an application of DreamTone followed by a richer, night time moisturizer. The product has worked beautifully with my existing skincare regimen without a single hiccup… no reactions, no stinging, nothing.

The improvement in my skin has been encouraging. The redness that has been creeping up on me for a long time now has improved. The dark spots and patches here and there have slowly faded before my eyes and the texture has also improved. Overall, I’m seeing my skin transform into the skin I’ve always wanted. It’s not there just yet but it has made decent strides in its journey so far. Sometimes I just can’t help but marvel at how smooth my skin has been lately.

My jawline has been riddled with dark spots and hormonal acne for a long time. I’ve relied on full coverage concealers and foundation to hide this pesky area of my skin for a while now. Those dark spots that have plagued me are vanishing slowly but surely and my general skin tone evening out. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. For a long time now, I’ve trained myself to look down because I didn’t want people to notice the state of my skin around my chin and jawline. I’ve caused a lot of damage to my skin in that area because of this problem I’ve been dealing with and lately I’ve started seeing an improvement in my existing scarring.

bare skin selfie!

I am literally becoming more confident in my own skin, so much so that lately I’ve started forgoing my regular foundation routine and opting for just a bit of concealer and a lighter, easier powder foundation instead. It feels good to see a change in your skin like this when you’ve been trying to hide the problem for so long, a problem that has really taken a toll on my self-esteem. It feels so good that I just posted a picture of myself sans makeup on the internet, ladies… sans makeup. 🙂

I’m fortunate enough that I get to try a lot of beauty products but it is rare that I find a new one that works this well for me and that I want to keep using on a regular basis. When you find yourself ready to re-purchase a product you’ve received as a sample, that’s when you know it’s a keeper. You can pick up DreamTone for yourself online at and in department stores nationwide, it retails for $98 for a 1.3fl oz. bottle.

Note: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Lancôme and Style Coalition, I received a sample of this product as part of this collaboration.

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  1. How marvelous that you’ve found a product that has done so much for you, not just physically but emotionally as well. Hurrah for DreamTone!

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