My Make it Work Moment with NARS Calanque Trio Eyeshadow

When we first got word of the NARS Calanque Trio Eyeshadow for spring, we were thrilled. I was sure that this would be a neutral powerhouse. But I think my own expectations for Calanque may have got the best of me, because I was somewhat let down by this trio. The main reason? Well, you can see it in the form of glitter bits above.

The color story is accurate, but I think NARS addicts let out a collective sigh when using the first part of the trio, a gold-infused platinum with silver flecks. I’m always one to give glitter a chance, but the lack of color makes this shade difficult. The texture is also chunky, so it can get messy fast. However, the other two shades almost make up for it because they are better than expected. The satin caramel and antique gold-infused bronze are classic neutrals with a  NARS twist. They’re simple shades, yet unique in my makeup bag.

It’s hard to be mad at a palette that has two stunning neutrals like this, but for $45, I’m not entirely sure of its value. I shared this sentiment to the ladies at the Nordstrom NARS counter and they gave me some advice on making it work. The first shade is more of a layer, and when used that way it does give dimension. I find pressing it over a cream base, like NARS Hollywoodland Soft Touch Shadow Pencil also gives a soft, ethereal effect.

Despite its flaws, this palette does contains gorgeous neutrals. I think my expectations may have gotten the best of me, but I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if the first shade had the texture of say, Abyssinia or Edie.

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