Must-Have Sportswear for Family Vacations

When families go away for holiday-trips, having the right lat sportswear to pack into suitcases will make a big difference. Arriving at the beach, at Grandma’s house, or at a cabin in the forest can be the perfect time to relax, as long as everyone has the right wardrobe. No one wants to be uncomfortable in the wrong wardrobe while they’re trying to rest, relax, and enjoy the ambiance of their vacation destinations.

 Destination Matters

Before you purchase your family’s getaway garments, you need to decide on your vacation destination. If you’re planning to go to the seaside, you’ll all need casual attire and swimsuits for strolling the beach, swimming, and lolling around the oceanside. At grandparents’ homes, there might be more of a need to dress up. Family photo sessions, BBQ reunions, and/or formal dinners at local restaurants? You know your clan’s grandparental expectations better than anyone, so pack accordingly and the visit will be fun for all. If you’re taking your gang to the mountains for a cabin campout, make sure you bring jackets, long pants, and long sleeves, no matter what the season. Hiking through scrub-brush requires more coverage to avoid bug-bites and scrapes.


There are multiple sportswear styles for moms that can fill the bill for dressy occasions, as well as casual. For example, t-shirt dresses can go from the beach to the bistro without missing a beat. Outfits can be layered in order to accommodate different vacation spots, as well. Bring along short and long-sleeved t-shirts, ribbed tanks, v-neck pullovers, and pants in different lengths: shorts, capris, and slacks. Many sportswear outlets now carry maternity sizes, so moms-to-be can be stylish and sporting, too.


Fathers can dress casually and jauntily when they pack the right sportswear for the trip. They can opt for long and short-sleeved tees, ribbed tanks, and collared polos. Baseball shirts are always popular and attractive for dads, because they look good and they’re just right for playing any kind of ball game. Soccer, catch, or softball, anyone? Of course, dad will also need a couple of pairs of shorts, slacks, and some knit sweatpants, too.


Kids just want to have fun, and they can if they’re wearing the right playwear. The most important thing to remember for boys and girls is easy-care fabric. This means that materials should be wrinkle-free, stain-resistant, and shrink-proof. 100% cotton fabrics are notoriously kid-proof, and a bit of polyester thrown in never hurt, either. Little boys and girls, as well as teenagers, are usually quite fond of hoodies, so bring a few of those for each child. Hoodies can look cool, protect ears and back-of-necks from sunburns, plus can provide an additional layer of warmth if the air turns chilly.

Accessories & Whatnot

In addition to the clothing, don’t forget to pack accessories and whatnot into your luggage, as well. For example, your family members will need sunglasses, sun-protective hats and visors, games, books, and cameras. Consider bringing an extra pair of shoes for each family member, too, in order to meet the needs of the different occasion settings, plus to cover your bases in case of misplaced or wet shoes.

Vacations are often the times when a family’s fondest memories are created. In order to make sure your getaways are blissful and stress-free, pack the right garments, accessories, and what nots for your clan.