Buh-Bye Blemish: Murad Clarifying Wipes

I’ve been cursed with blemishes that will not disappear. There’s three in total. Two on my forehead and one to the left of my lips – same spots, always.  No matter how much drying lotion or salicylic acid-based treatment I use, they always come back. And the timing is suspect. These blemishes have cropped up in a perma way these last few months, which have been some of my most busy and stressful. Enter Murad Acne Clarifying Wipes, an on-the-go version of the brand’s renowned acne line. I’ve been using these wipes for a few weeks and am finding these stubborn blemishes are going away faster.

These wipes aren’t a traditional cleansing wipe, and I like to use them on clean skin once a day. They have this phenomenal cooling sensation on the skin and make me feel like my skin is truly clean (not stripped, though). Look for witch hazel (a natural form of salicylic acid) to tighten pores, algae extract to regulate oil and grape seed extract and vitamin E.

I’m hoping with regular use and a trip to see a professional for extractions, I can finally get rid of these pests once and for all.

Murad Clarifying Wipes just launched last month, $18 for 30-count. Available here.

4 thoughts on “Buh-Bye Blemish: Murad Clarifying Wipes”

    1. Justine, I usually only cleanse at night. In the a.m. I just splash water on my face and tone (I use Melvita’s orange blossom water). I find it too much for my skin to cleanse in the a.m. every day (especially in the winter!) I use these wipes either in the a.m. before my splash of water or in the p.m. before moisturizing!

  1. Hi…I just want to ask if this is okay with sensitive skin? I have sensitive skin but like your case I am beginning to notice blemishes that really bothers me. Most of my relatives are prone to acne so I do not want to have them too 🙁

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