Moroccan Oil Treatment: Hair Must Have

If you’re looking for a product to condition tresses and tame frizz, get to know Moroccan Oil Treatment. It’s the perfect hair multi-tasker and it has become a staple in my hair product arsenal. If there’s one thing that I do every day, it’s applying Moroccan Oil. It makes my hair feel softer and it smooths everything out making styling much, much easier.

moroccan-oil-treatment To use Moroccan Oil, you apply a small amount to damp hair then style hair as usual. The key here is to not be heavy handed because just a little Moroccan Oil goes a very long way. Seriously, a really long way… I’ve been using this since mid-May and I still have 3/4 of a bottle worth of product by using a nickel size dollop at a time on my thick, course hair. Considering how long a bottle of Moroccan Oil last, this definitely makes the price of the bottle a little more reasonable.

What makes Moroccan Oil a multi-tasking product is that in addition to adding instant shine and taming frizz, the product also conditions and protects hair against heat. In fact, one of Moroccan Oil’s suggested uses is to apply the product before coloring (and not rinsing hair) and then mixing product into the color mixture. This is said to help the hair shaft absorb the color or bleacher easier, enhance shine, elasticity and depth of color. I haven’t tried that yet but with the results I’m seeing so far, it’s my next step. 🙂

Of course I love the shine and smoothness but my absolutely favorite thing about Moroccan Oil is how it makes my hair smell. It has a musky scent that is just like my ideal men’s cologne, it’s not overly masculine, has a touch of sweetness and does not conflict with any perfume I may wear. Blow drying and styling my hair has been a little more enjoyable lately thanks to this.

Have you used Moroccan Oil Treatment? What did you think? How has it improved your hair? Let us know in the comments.