Miss Oops Says NO to Cracked Heels

As you may have read last week on our blog, Miss Oops is a company that provides quick fixes for our many beauty woes. One of such woes is dry, unattractive feet. Having seen Miss Oops “Pedicure in a Bottle” in several stores, I was curious to see if the product held up to the name.

Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle Most of the time when I’ve tried foot creams, I’ve been disappointed – they’re usually just a minty runny lotion that doesn’t do much to moisturize. Pedicure in a Bottle actually has ingredients that are meant to chemically slough off dead skin. Ingredients like glycolic and salicylic acid, shea butter, peppermint, menthol, and lavender are powerful weapons against cracks and callouses!

In Miss Oops’ typical campy style, instructions read “apply twice a day until you can no longer sand furniture with your feet, then use once a day for maintenance.” I used this daily at bedtime, then applied thick socks for maximum absorption. The smell was less lavender and more plastic-y, unfortunately. However, I did notice a definite smoothening and softening. Pedicure in a Bottle isn’t exactly the “be all and end all” of foot care, so I found myself prepping with this lotion then using a pumice stone in the morning, revealing fresh smooth skin, quicker than any other method I’ve tried.

If you do get regular pedicures, it’d be great to use to extend the length of time between visits. With the economy being in turmoil, I’ve been on a pedicure hiatus and this product will definitely be the tool to get me through it.