Meeting THE Francois Nars at Nordstrom

Me and THE Francois Nars

Me and THE Francois Nars

Last February I was standing backstage at the New York Armory covering the Marc Jacobs show during New York Fashion Week. At the time I was working for Nordstrom and we were bouncing from show to show, we attended 26 shows that week. It was an amazing experience but one of the highlights of that week was backstage with the NARS team for that show. When we arrived, we found out the call time was moved up so all the models were already finished but we stuck around to learn about the look. At one point, I walked past THE Francois Nars and smiled at him then proceeded to silently freak out… I had walked past him and he smiled back! I met quite a few amazing makeup artists that week but seeing Francois Nars took the cake. If Sookie Stackhouse was around to read my thoughts, all she would get was “Oh my God, Oh my God”.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I’m in Nordstrom’s Bellevue Square store and it’s packed. There are two rows of customers getting their makeup done and I’m checking in to be one of them. NARS brought in its best and brightest makeup artists for the event, among them Janice Daoud and Jake Broullard. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them before and if you’re a regular at Nordstrom Trend Shows, you might know them too. As part of the event, NARS fans who purchased one of the NARS books would have a chance to meet Francois. Special event products were also on sale the occasion, including two limited edition eyeshadow palettes and the Modern Kabuki brush set that was available during the holidays.

NARS makeup artists working their magic at Nordstrom

NARS makeup artists working their magic at Nordstrom

All of the sudden everyone is cheering and clapping, Francois Nars is making his way to the floor and coming down the escalator. The energy in the store at that moment was amazing, everyone was excited to see him… even the makeup artists who were making us gorgeous, which surprised me a little bit. Once he’s on the floor, Francois says hello to each makeup artist and each customer getting their makeup done. When he comes to my chair, he stops and comments on my skin then says I look familiar. First of all, having the Francois Nars say you have good skin (even though I disagree) is amazing but having him actually remembering you? I have no words for that. I went on to explain that I was backstage at that show in February and I think it clicked for him that this is where he recognized me from. I have to confess, I was on a cloud thinking that a makeup god remembered who I was. :)

Francois Nars meeting with a fan at Nordstrom

Francois Nars meeting with a fan at Nordstrom

Francois Nars at Nordstrom signing his book

Francois Nars at Nordstrom signing his book

Francois Nars meeting with fans at Nordstrom

Francois Nars meeting with a fan at Nordstrom

The fun part of the event was seeing fans interact with Francois, there were a lot of smiles all around the store. Even the customers who didn’t know who he was wanted to get in on the action, I had a handful of customers ask me who he was. Everyone’s curiosity was peaked.

Thankfully, I’ve had the chance to meet amazing people in the beauty industry with Nordstrom’s help. I’ve my skincare idol Kate Somerville, nail geniuses Nonie Creme and Deborah Lippmann and even Kim Kardashian but meeting Francois Nars was a rush for me, I didn’t get as nervous or worry about how I looked with the others. Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve shared one of these meetings with you, in the past I’ve just never felt comfortable enough to share photos from the experience. I guess I’m becoming more comfortable with myself! :)

By the way, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is coming up and Nordstrom is having a big beauty bash to celebrate. Find out if a store near you is participating here and stay tuned here for more information on the exclusives. I’m traveling to New York on Monday and attended a preview of the exclusives on Tuesday. I’ll be tweeting during the event and re-capping it on the blog next Thursday.

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8 Responses to “Meeting THE Francois Nars at Nordstrom”

  1. Yay! What a compliment coming from THE Francois Nars! I’m so jealous you get to go to NYC and get a sneak peek at the Nordy Anniversary goodies. I look forward to them every year. I’ll be stalking twitter for your tweets!

  2. Marie says:

    Wow, you’re so lucky to have met him again, and I can’t imagine your joy that he remembered you. :)
    OMG those eyeshadow palettes! I want them! Were there only sold at this particular event? Because I need to get my hands on them!

    • Carla says:

      Hi Marie! They were but you may be able to call the Nordstrom Bellevue NARS counter and still get your hands on it. I hope so!

  3. Pam says:

    Thanks for sharing the big event!….I have no idea who Francois Nars is but ya know what? I would have loved to be part of that:)

  4. What a handsome gentleman

  5. Kyra says:

    I am SO JEALOUS!!!!! He is a beauty god and I don’t know that I would be able to function if he was in the room. What an awesome opportunity!!!

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