Meet Kayla, Product Girl's Teen Voice


Her name is Kayla, but she’s better known around here as Product Girl Jr. As the youngest sister of Carla, she is wise beyond her 15 years when it comes to beauty. The training wheels came off a long time ago — Kayla can put either of us to shame when it comes to applying false lashes or rocking a bold lip. She’s a pro, already. Kayla will be offering a teen perspective on Product Girl, sharing her beauty knowledge, offering tips and reviewing her favorite beauty goodies. Read on to learn more about Kayla, and join us in officially welcoming her!

What was it like growing up with “Product Girl?”
Growing up with Product Girl was definitely a treat. Occasionally, I was the practice doll, other times the shopping buddy and in the last few years I started to become what I consider as her “assistant.” Her generosity was definitely a big plus also as she helped me build my own make up collection as well (although not as big as hers!) You could say a bit of her passion for beauty and blogging rubbed off on the little sis after all these years!

What are your favorite products right now?
My favorite hair product is Bedhead After-Party. It’s a smoothing cream that I use a lot in the winter to keep my hair from frizzing up with the cold and rain. It gives my hair shine and makes it oh so soft! My other favorite product right now is Maybelline’s new Dream Bouncy Blush. It’s a soft cream blush that dries looking like a natural powder. My favorite shade is Plum Wine and it’s the perfect shade for these wintery, cold months.

Eyeliner or lipstick?
If I had to choose just one… lipstick! I’m a huge fan of lipstick lately and have been on the hunt for some great new shades. Lipstick is something that can add the perfect finishing touch to a look. Bold berries and reds have been my favorites lately and I love experimenting and mixing shades.

What’s your advice to other teens when it comes to makeup?
My biggest piece of advice would have to be to keep it simple. I see a lot of teens my age go crazy with the makeup on an everyday basis and what they don’t realize is that at this age, less really is more. Long, plump lashes, some color on your cheeks and the perfect gloss on your lips is really all you need to get that natural, youthful look.

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  1. This interview reads like it was written by a pr person or a magazine writer. What teen is trying to get ‘that youthful look’-they already have it-theyre teens! And , makes my hair oh so soft’ and ‘these cold, wintery months’… I dont know any teen who talks like that. Just sounds more like a commercial imo.

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