Extending the Olive Branch

I’m a tough sell when it comes to lotion. I don’t like to spend a lot on the stuff because I want to feel free to slather handfuls of it on my Minnesota-dry skin. But it’s got to smell great, work wonders, and look good sitting on the counter in my bathroom. The stars aligned when I found Mediterranean Spa’s Olive Oil Body Butter.

Mediterranean Spa Body Butter The butter is imported from Italy and is full of nourishing emollients – like olive oil. Olive oil pulls double duty as a moisturizer and a skin protectant. The scent is incredibly fresh, clean and natural. This I like because it does not compete with my perfume. The texture is that of butter kept at room temperature. There’s no digging into the tub and then working slightly hard lotion into your skin (a personal pet peeve when it comes to other popular body butters). Instead, you dip your fingers into a perfectly creamy product and slip it onto your skin. You’ll feel the tiniest bit sticky (the tiniest bit) for about 5 minutes after application. It quickly gives way to straight up smooth, happy skin.

If you prefer a different scent, you can take your pick of Lemon and Orange (refreshing citrus) or Avocado Oil (sweet and sensual). I picked up my tub of Mediterranean Spa body butter for less than $20 at my neighborhood beauty emporium. For a huge tub (over 15 oz of product), I think this is a steal. If you’re having a hard time finding Mediterranean Spa near you, buy online at Vickery.