I’ll Take Three Scoops Please

What can make taking a bath at the end of a long day a fun experience? How about ice cream? ME! Bath can turn an ordinary bath into an ice cream sundae. Who wouldn’t like that?

mebath_icecream.jpg Meet Bath Ice Cream, a bath bomb. These fizzy scoops of bath goodness contain essential oils, salts and minerals to turn your bath into a spa-like experience. There’s a big variety of flavors available like Coconut Cove, Gin Martini, Amber Waves and Vanilla Berry Ambrosia. You might find yourself having a hard time deciding which one to choose. My personal favorite was Strawberry Kiwi, the combination of the two fruits was refreshing and it turned the water red like Koolaid. That and the fizziness made me feel like a kid again. While the water wasn’t as soft as I had expected it to be, these still left my skin moisturized.

mebath_sherbert.jpg There’s also Shower Sherbert body scrub. I really liked this product a lot. While I am all about exfoliation (I really, really am), some scrubs are a bit too harsh to use on a daily basis. I found this scrub to be gentle enough that I could use it every day if I wanted to. This also left my skin feeling really soft, this is where the vitamin E and jojoba oil in the scrub do their thing. I was happy to find that my skin was not greasy and overly moisturized at all. It also left my skin well scented, this scent lasted quite awhile… I didn’t even need to put on perfume that day.

Dessert doesn’t end there, there’s also a rich body cream called Body Icing and Ice Cream Sandwiches… all great ingredients for an Ice Cream Pedicure. It’s great to see a company make products that are as fun and pampering at the same time.