Frizz Buster

I love my hair- after someone else washes, dries and styles it. My hair is naturally very wavy – although not wavy enough to be called truly curly – and is very thick. Whether I go natural, using curling products and a diffuser, or if I go all out , tugging and begging each strand to lay flat and smooth, my hair always has a slight frizz to it. Over the years, I’ve concocted a cocktail of smoothing products that get the job done. Sort of. Still with the frizz, though.

Natrix Smoothing Gel I was so excited to try Matrix’s Smoothing Gel because it could be used whether my hair was going for curly or straight. I’m all about multi-tasking products. I envisioned bouncy, shiny curls or silky, smooth strands on demand. And you know what? That’s exactly what I got.

Matrix credits the micro-emulsion technology, featuring silicones and micro-oils, for my newfound freedom from frizz. The formula also features humectants to cut out humidity. . And you can apply the clear, unsticky gel on wet or dry hair. Perfect for when a strand needs a little touch-up post styling. Me? I’m just happy to have fuzz-free hair. I’m also really happy about the signature Matrix scent of the smoothing gel. There’s just something about that Matrix Biologie smell that is uplifting and refreshing. So for any of you girls out there with a little bit of frizz- meet your new best friend.