Mark's Little Block Box

There are approximately one million gorgeous makeup palettes popping off the shelves at Sephora, all jam packed full of blush and gloss, eye shadow and mascara. But there’s something fabulous about taking an empty palette and jam-packing it full of products of your own choosing. Especially when each of those products are perfect for your skintone and provide the perfect amount of shimmer and gleam for the holidays. Let me introduce you to my new friend, the Little Block Box.

Mark's Little Black Box The concept is simple- take one empty, palm-sized palette with a generous mirror and fill it with a selection of shimmer cubes or shimmer bars. Choose from 12 shades of blendable, buildable color to create a customized glow for the season. My favorite combinations of colors are the Twinkle and Moonlight Shimmer Cubes + Glow Shimmer Bar. I swirl all three of them together with a little kabuki brush that came with my purchase and then dust all over my chest and arms. The effect is ethereal, not show-girl. I also layer the Twinkle Shimmer Cube over my daytime makeup to give it a little extra oomph for a night out.

The texture of the shimmer cubes and bars is silky, thanks to the finely milled baked Italian powder. When applying the colors, they start out very sheer on the skin and can be layered to create more intensity. The price point on the Little Block Box is terrific – the box is $6 as are the Shimmer Bars. Shimmer Cubes are $5. Hit up Mark’s web site to check out the selection, and for tips and ideas on color combinations that will create specific effects. Mark products can be ordered online or through a Mark representative.