Ten or Less: Mark Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain

Being a lip stain addict, my latest lip stain obsession is Mark’s Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain. At an affordable $9 each, the price makes it a great candidate for Ten or Less Thursdays.

At first, I was a little puzzled by these… I mean, they look and feel like a lip gloss. That’s just on the surface though. Once I applied the gloss, I found the gloss really does stain the lips. It’s not an intense stain but enough that they look like your lips but better. As the gloss wears away, your lips will still have a nice light stain to them. If you’re looking at these and think the shade might be too dark for you, have no fear! The intensity of the swatch on the website is not what you get on the lips. Think light and wearable. I’ve been partial to Bella and it’s been my go-to lip product lately for when I want to look easy, breezy, beautiful but not wear a ton of makeup.

I’m loving the way these feel on my lips. Sure, it’s a gloss but it feels more like a lip balm since it doesn’t dry your my lips. The texture of the gloss is medium, no stickiness or tackiness here. It’s not so thin that it feels like it’s not even on your lips but thick enough to survive that morning latte and maybe make it until lunch. What is also great is that these stains are mistake-proof. Ever use a lip stain and make a mistake and then it’s a pain to fix? That is not going to happen with these lip stains. Since the formula is different, you can definitely fix anything that goes outside the lines. Plus, the minty fresh flavor is an added bonus, because keeping bad breath in check is always a good thing.

Have you tried these Mark Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stains? How do you wear it? A nice light layer or do you lay it on thick?

Disclosure: We received samples of this product.