Flip for Mark

As my purse becomes larger and larger, I’m always looking for ways to cut down on the contents. Because my makeup always needs a refresher at about 3:00, leaving it at home is out of the question. Which is why palettes are a lifesaver. I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest makeup palettes; Carla shared a gorgeous one from Chanel that I’m coveting. Until I can get my hands on one, though, I’m taking the Mark Flip For It Fall Color Palette in Paris everywhere with me.

Mark's Flip for It Kit Mark is a sub-brand of Avon, which means that it can only be purchased from a Mark representative or online. What you sacrifice in the convenience of running out to the store you gain in quality and price. For just $18, you’re getting two eye shadows, a blush and 4 lipcolors, all of which create a perfectly polished daytime look. Housed in a slim compact that features a nice big mirror – you can’t go wrong. The colors in Paris are light, rosy neutrals. You can also get Milan, which has peachy eye and lip shades and deeper lip colors, or go with New York for berry lips and smoky eyes.

The powders all feel great, very light and smooth, and last all day. And I love creating my own custom shade of lip color by combining the glosses in my palette. I highly recommend checking out Mark for this palette and more.

One thought on “Flip for Mark”

  1. I have this palette in New York and Paris. I like it and I like the convenience of having so many colors all in one. However, I don’t like the smell. It smells too candy sweet and it’s a big turn off.

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