Sampling Leads to Love

One of my favorite local stores in the Seattle area is Olivine in Ballard. Recently I went in there to take a look at the Mario Badescu line of products. While I didn’t pick up anything at the time, they sent me home armed with samples to play with at home. One of those samples was for Mario Badescu’s Healing Cream.

Mario Bandescu Healing Cream I’ve mentioned before how I’ve been having issues with my skin misbehaving. I’ve been experiencing redness and dryness due to breakouts. It has been tricky to handle but using Mario Badescu’s Healing Cream has helped. This product is oil-free and contains Balsum Peru to soothe and protect skin. I dab a little of this on my problem areas before bed and literally the next morning the dryness is substantially. It’s a little heavy so I don’t use it all over even though it is oil free but it’s great calming my skin down when I have to tend to certain areas. Since using every last drop of my sample, I’ve gone back to buy the actual product.

I love it when great samples lead to a purchase. Mario Badescu’s samples in particular are really generous in comparison to others. Each sample contains quite a few uses, especially the samples with a cream consistency. I was able to use my Healing Cream sample for weeks! Recently I decided to look at what other products I might benefit from in that line. I went to their website and filled out their consulting questionnaire. Ideally, I should have been presented with a list of products suited to my skin type but instead there was an error processing the form. I thought nothing of it at the time but imagine my surprise when I received an email the next day telling me they were sending me samples of the products they recommended. Now that’s what I call customer service. I haven’t received them yet but I’m sure it will be great when I do.

Moral of the story… go to Mario Badescu’s website and fill out their questionnaire to score yourself from free samples!