A Juicy Scent: Marc Jacobs Splash in Apple

Marc Jacobs is back at it again with the release of his popular summer Splash fragrances – this year in Apple, Pomegranate and Biscotti. If you’re looking for a lighter summer fragrance, you should start your search with these. Inspired by the decadence of a patisserie shop (a French bakery!), these scents are indulgent and enticing — but incredibly fresh and light. Making it the perfect summer fragrance!

I’m currently in love with the Apple, it’s such an interesting scent. It’s actually a more masculine scent in my opinion — it’s very energetic and not overly fruity or floral. The notes include apple zest, lemon and grapefruit combined with rosemary, jasmine, magnolia, coriander and cardamom.

And check out the bottle? That’s what 10 oz. looks like – isn’t it huge? I have rather small hands and sometimes hold on with both of them when using this!  Marc Jacobs Splash is available at most department stores and at Sephora.

Disclosure: This fragrance was provided to us for consideration in this review.

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  1. Yey. Love the real pics- before I’m going to spend money on anything, especially these days when things are tight and I have to really watch the pennies- I LOVE being able to see what something really looks like! Thanks.

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