Want This: Marc by Marc Jacobs Flash Leola Leather Hobo

Before I left for New York Fashion Week, I was obsessed with finding a nice handbag to take with me. I ended up getting this Nordstrom pleated satchel in an off-white shade (which I really do love!) but last night I was browsing Nordstrom online and saw a bag that is making me put a plan into action that my wallet can live with. I’m thinking that this Marc by Marc Jacobs Flash Leola leather hobo is just what I need for this summer. Add turquoise (Pantone’s color of the year by the way), zippers and hobos together and for me, it’s a match made in heaven.

I’m definitely on board with this handbag, are you? What kind of handbag do you love? I just love hobos and satchels. Let us know what type of handbag you love in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Want This: Marc by Marc Jacobs Flash Leola Leather Hobo”

  1. I love that Carla! I agree, my favorite styles are a good hobo or a satchel. I am also fond of zippers or buckles which I am realizing is beginning to make all my handbags look a bit similiar. I got a cobalt hobo last summer and got tons of compliments on it, this year I think I’m gonna go for an orange or yellow.

    Great find!

  2. That bag is just gorgeous!!! I love Marc Jacobs handbags, and now I want this too! I absolutely love turquoise and the zippers…I love hobos as well!

  3. LOVING this bag. The color is gorgeous, I would carry it year round. Maybe it’s time for an investment.

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