The Superhero of Moisture

Already being a big fan of the Mama Mio line, it is no surprise I absolutely love Wonder-Full Balm.

Mama Mio Wonderfull Balm This little 1 oz. pump of super rich balm goes a long, long way and is quite the little rescue remedy for an assortment of skin issues. The texture is extremely thick and only a very small amount is needed, you have to warm it a little to spread it on the skin but once soaked in it’s the ultimate moisture blast.

So far I have used it as an awesome lip moisturizer, cracked heel cure, dry elbow relief and aid to a nasty sunburn on my neck….oh and a very itchy razor burn. This is definitely a product I would purchase again and again and for the mommies out there it has many other uses such as relief for chapped nipples. My little one also had some very chapped hands from over washing and not thoroughly drying at daycare, more like wind burn and the Wonder-full balm was very helpful in healing this.

My other reasons and very important ones at that for loving the Wonder-Full Balm are all the great ingredients it contains. This moisturizing maniac is a blend of 9 different oils such as carrot seed that is great for elasticity and scar reduction, manuka offering anti-bacterial properties, evening primrose and protective waxes like beeswax. Oh and don’t forget the superfoods for the skin such as omega 3, 6 and 9…I could go on and on but just check it out yourself.

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